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[Since 1995]

From Metrodispenser to Tritondispenser, two decades of innovation.

Manufacturer of tabletop beer dispensers. Our company, Iniciativas y Proyectos Hosteleros S.L., invented the modern tabletop beer dispenser in 1995. Under the name Metrodispenser (currently Tritondispenser) it has become the world benchmark for this product sector. From Reykjavik to Wellington, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, from Cape Town to Mexico City... wherever there is beer you can find Triton dispensers.

We know the beer world from within. We produce for global brewers, like Heineken, Carlsberg or ABInBev, and also national and regional breweries, as well as microbreweries, brewpubs and restaurant chains. 


Over 20 years making tabletop beer dispensers


Why are we different?

Why are we different?