Triton Sky

Triton Sky
Triton Sky
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Triton Sky beer tower. Your brand, towering above the crowd. Great visual impact. Ice cold beer (includes Ice Pitcher, for cooling with ice and water). Free branding. Patented Triton System: ease of use and guaranteed hygiene. #ItsAboutSharing #ResponsibleSharing

Sizes and capacities

Capacity: 5 L / 180 Oz / 9 Pt and 3L / 120 Oz / 6 Pt.
Height: 89,7 cm / 35.31 in.
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Patented Triton System (hygiene and ease of use)
Three taps (simultaneous pour)
Free brand decoration
Cleaning brush included
Cooling Block included (full of freezable gel)
Ice Pitcher included (to cool with ice and water)
Spares programme

Base decorada de catálogo

Decoración de las tres caras de la base con imágenes de nuestro catálogo, GRATIS desde la primera unidad.

Ver catálogo de bases

Base decorada con su logotipo

Decoración de las tres caras de la base con su logotipo, GRATIS para pedidos de 5 o más unidades.

Decoración especial

Decoración con la marca en las tres caras de la base, con pegatina de vinilo.

Decoración con la marca en la zona del grifo, con pegatina de vinil.

Podemos fabricar todos los componentes no transparentes en el color exacto de su marca (sin coste a partir de 500 unidades).

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Cooling Block

We have a complete spares programme for all our dispensers.

See them on our Order Form.


Triton Sky 5L

TRITON SKY 5L - User manual
TRITON SKY 5L - Product sheet
TRITON SKY 5L - Technical specifications and materials
TRITON SKY 5L - Data for International Transport Logistics
TRITON SKY 5L - Sanitary Certificate for Iniciativas y Proyectos Hosteleros S.L
TRITON SKY 5L - Food-safety test certificate
TRITON SKY 5L - Template for decoration of the lid
TRITON SKY 5L - Template for decoration of the taps and medalions
TRITON SKY 5L - Product photographs
Our dispensers are guaranteed against all defects of manufacture, in materials and workmanship, during a period of one year from date of purchase in any country of the world. Deliveries within the European Union will comply with Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999.