Beer dispensers manufacturer since 1995.


We are manufacturers of tabletop beer dispensers. Our company, Iniciativas y Proyectos Hosteleros S.L., invented the modern tabletop beer dispenser in 1995 under the name Metrodispenser (currently Tritondispenser).

Our products are developed by our industrial design and engineering department and are patented worldwide.



Present in more than 80 countries.

We have become the world benchmark in this sector. We export to more than 80 countries on the 5 continents from our factories and international distribution centers in Europe (Madrid, Spain) and Asia (Ningbo, China).


We know the beer world from within. We produce for global brewers, like Heineken, Carlsberg or ABInBev, and also national and regional breweries, as well as microbreweries, brew pubs and restaurant chains.


Calle Newton, 1. Edificio 2. Naves 8 y 9 Parque Empresarial Neinor 28914 Leganés (Madrid) Spain

why we are different.


Patented Triton System (ease of use and guaranteed hygiene).

B2b Customers

Breweries, bars and restaurants around de world.


We help our customers sell more beer.


We give special value to two words: Professionalism and quality.


We invented the modern tabletop beer dispenser in 1995.


Customers in more than 80 countries.


We know what works and what doesn't.

R&D&i Project "Mistfree"

INICIATIVAS Y PROYECTOS HOSTELEROS S.L. has taken part in the project named “New dispensing system with anti-condensation and anti-freeze coating”, with the acronym MISTFREE , ref. IDI-20180778, financed with ERDF FUNDS. The MISTFREE project works on a dispensing system for carbonated drinks, which uses a coating with anti-condensation and antifreeze properties, aimed to reduce the accumulation of water droplets on the surface of the dispenser it helps to eliminate related handling and transparency issues. This project has had the CSIC collaboration, via the Institute for Science and Polymer Technology (ICTP). This Institute has worked on a study of the polymeric coating based on the adhesion of the polymer and its effect on the transparency of the material, as well as the material’s anti-condensation and antifreeze properties. Thanks to this project the company will be able to sell a new product within the sector of tabletop beer dispensers, or in other sectors where this improvement can be applied.